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Private Investigators of San Diego

No Case is Unsolvable!

Court case preparation, personal doubts, safety concerns, and more, you have the right to find answers to your worries. As a business, as an individual, or as a family, you can hire a private investigator here at Private Investigators of San Diego.

Our private investigators leave no stone unturned and have solved the toughest cases. The services we provide are accomplished ethically. We obtain information and carry out investigations without breaking the law.

Private Investigative Services


Infidelity Investigation

Our matrimonial or infidelity investigations can bring you the evidence you need to put your doubts at rest. If you’ve been seeing signs of your spouse’s unfaithfulness, don’t just shove it to the side. Hire yourself a private investigator to find answers.


Person Location Services

Find missing family and friends. Put your life at ease by knowing their safety and situation. With our person location services, you can finally reunite with your loved one or help someone reconcile with their missing acquaintance. 


Background Investigation

With our background investigation services, you can discover criminal records, employment history, credit score, educational attainment, and more for anyone. 


Phone Number and Address Report

Reverse LookUp not working out for you? WhitePages results inconclusive? Get a full address and phone number report of anyone.  


Surveillance Services

Want to gather evidence or validate a gut feeling without them knowing? We’ll get it for you, and they won’t even know we’re there.


Insurance Investigation

We can uncover fraudulent claims and/or ensure compensation is directed to the rightful person. 


Custom Cases

Do you have a unique case that’s not on the list? We can solve that, too. Reach out for a free consultation and be pleasantly surprised.

Private Investigator in San Diego

About Us

Private Investigators of San Diego offers private investigator services in San Diego, CA. We are diligent, thorough, experienced, and reasonably priced. You even get one-on-one guidance with our investigators and legal team to help you make decisions if necessary.

I'm not from San Diego but thought to reach out to someone local. They helped me reconnect with a lost relative I haven't seen in years. I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am. Thank you!
Phil M.
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